Automatic discount applies to 3 or more headbands!

Giggles and Hoots

Creating functional fashion.



This shape can be made any length and is perfect for tooling around the house or going grocery shopping.

Booby Window

These are a fun accessory to any outfit. Still has pockets and provides an accentuation no matter the size of your assets.

Circle Skirt Dress

Twirl to your hearts content! The bodice ends at the top of the hips and the skirt goes just to the knees.

Square/Unisex Hoodie

This one is for EVERYONE! It is oversized on purpose, so if you like it tight, go one size down.

Lynna is absolutely lovely to work with. Her dresses are amazballz!


ordered a couple of dresses and they came out perfect! super comfortable, beautifully made and super fun designs! my new favorite dresses


G&H has *the most comfy* and *the most practical* dresses and related garments, in an actual wide-range-of-humanity sizing -- and most of the stuff is geeky as heck, too, though up to you whether you want fannish, whimsical, or flat gorgeous.


 Dress fit perfectly, sewn impeccably and arrived in half the time I expected. I will be ordering again!!


realistic women sizes!!!!