New Prints in Pick Your Style every Sunday at noon!
New Prints in Pick Your Style every Sunday at noon!
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Ordering made easy!

Having standard shapes available is all well and good, but customization is all the rage!

The Pick Your Style section will retain standard shapes, but with the Mix & Match section you will have a multitude of combinations to choose from!  

Every listing has the standard instructions. Here they are in more detail:

  1. Choose your size - It's really important to read the sizing charts carefully. I've designed the standard shapes to be loose and flowy. The Chest Chalice and Jumper Tops are snug so as to accentuate whatever is underneath. With this new way of ordering, you may also choose 2 different sizes based on your overly booby or booty regions. For example: I am a medium top with a large bottom, a true pear shape. You only have to add these size or sizes once to your cart. Then all your items in your cart will be made with those sizes.
  2. Choose your shape - You can choose to buy tops and bottoms separately or together. You get to choose the shape of your top, how short or long you want your sleeves, whether or not you want a hood and if you want to attach a skirt, pants or both to that top! Did you catch that?! Skorts are back people!
  3. Choose your fabric(s) - It's important to select as much or little as you want. If you trust my color coordination, you can get away with just one special fabric or panel, and I'll put the rest together. Or you can plan every detail! Trim, top fabric, bottom fabric, hood fabric are at your fingertips. 

Along with the extra options you get, it will be even more important to add items to your cart in order so that everything gets made exactly how you want it. 

That's it! Easy right? Any questions, feel free to email me! 


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