New Prints in Pick Your Style every Sunday at noon!
New Prints in Pick Your Style every Sunday at noon!
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1 - Size - Mix & Match
Giggles and Hoots Magical Garments and Accessories

1 - Size - Mix & Match

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Here, choose the size of the clothing item you would like!

*Make sure you pick at least 2 options, including at least 1 fabric and one shape. Depending on the backlog of orders, your item(s) could take 4-6 weeks to get to you.

1) Choose your size -  you only have to add this to your cart once for all your items.

2) Choose your shape - choose a separate top, separate bottom, or put them together for an awesome outfit! You can also choose outer wear or head wear!

3) Choose your fabric(s) - either solids here, or specialty fabrics in the Pick Your Style section. Please pay attention to the quantity and placement of your fabrics. What you buy is what you get!

* PLEASE put the shape and then fabrics in your cart in that order. That way the correct fabric goes with the correct shape. If you want to purchase multiple items, add them that way until you get everything you want.

** This is the disclaimer where I say, please double check your order for accuracy. Yes, this could mean clicking back and forth. However, it will be worth it to make sure you get what you want.

Chalice/Jumper top Sizes: This is the measurement of the garment at the ribs, under the boobs. This is laying flat and a little stretching.

XS : 28" - 30"

Small: 30" - 32"

Medium: 32" - 34"

Large: 34" - 36"

XL:  36" - 38"

2XL: 38" - 40"

3XL: 40" - 42"

4XL: 42" - 44"

5XL: 44" - 46"

Dresses: These are the measurements for the garments laying flat with no stretching, and everything I work with is STRETCHY! 

*The booty measurement of the bubble tunic is 4" less

 BUST              WAIST                    BOOTY

XS        36                    32                          50

S          38                    36                          52

M         40                    38                          54

L           42                    40                          56

XL         48                    46                          68

2XL       52                    48                          70

3XL       56                    52                          72

4XL       58                    54                          74

5XL       60                    56                          76

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